Frequently Asked Questions

The IRS has a website with status information on your payment here.

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A tax preparer, or tax professional is qualified to calculate the taxes that you owe on your state tax return and your federal tax return. A tax professional also files and signs your income tax returns.

CPAs typically have a substantial education on accounting and are certified to perform audits, prepare financial statements for businesses, government entities, and nonprofits. They are skilled in understanding corporate governance and dealing with business regulations. A profession tax preparer concentrates on tax matters. Specifically, they focus on the preparation and filing of state tax returns and federal tax returns for individuals and small businesses.

The most efficient way to file a tax return is electronically. This includes linking a bank account to have your refund deposited or your payment processed. This allows you to get any refund as quickly as possible.

As noted in the last round of stimulus payments, those who electronically filed with a bank account on file received their stimulus payment quicker than those that didn’t.

You need to make sure that you feel safe and comfortable with your tax preparer. You should read their reviews on sites like Google My Business and Yelp. Also make sure that they clear indicate their fee structure so that you do not have any unwelcome surprises with the bill.

As of January, 2021 tax preparation fees can no longer be deducted.

At McMullen Tax Masters we use Tax Slayer. They are up-to-date with current state and federal tax laws and we find them easy to use.

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